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The Focus of Our Efforts



Imagine: you are 7 years old and you have to get up early in the morning to go fetch water for your family at the water pump and then after that, you have to walk kilometres on foot under a scorching sun to reach your school. You spend a whole day in a classroom, which can hardly be called a stable, and then you make the same journey home and queue up again at the water pump. This five times a week. You can hardly imagine it, but it was the harsh reality in the village of Kyirimankane in Ghana until 2022.
Consequently, many children from the village had given up going to school and automatically end up on the farm where they have to perform heavy physical labour from an early age.



In 2022, at the request of the villagers, we started building the primary school. This contains six classrooms, a refectory, kitchen, storeroom, office for the director and an ICT classroom. That last room was a must: "Teachers are supplied by the government and only with an ICT class can we attract the necessary attention." Most children have never seen a computer before, but it means the future for them." 

In February 2023, we opened the primary school as an 'empty box' without furniture, books, teaching materials etc. but with an enthusiastic headmaster and even more enthusiastic children ! 

Today, a lot of furniture has already been collected (school desks, boards) and we have purchased the minimum of school materials such as textbooks and pencils for them.

We are now in a phase where we need expertise to deploy more didactic material in an educational way and create added value from the ICT classroom. Here we are looking for help from people who have expertise in : ICT, digital learning forms, school organisation etc....  



A number of goals we want to achieve in the short term and for this we need help from people with knowledge per theme : 

  • organise the school better (set up classrooms and playground, class lists, rotation system, daily system, calendars, ICT class rotation system)-

  • set up a pupil monitoring system (create files per pupil with history, achievements, shortcomings, absences, points earned,....)

  • set up a scholarship system to motivate students to do their best so that we can help (some) of them go on to further studies

  • increase chances of success in the entrance examination for senior high school by studying the required competencies and curriculum and better alignment as well as setting up calibrated test occasions. 

  • introduce digital learning forms to use the ICT classroom as efficiently as possible (dactylo, digital practice platforms such as Bingel, schoolTV, school platform, book widgets,....) and help organise licences on the popular software programmes 

  • set up specific curricula and objectives for years 1 to 6

  • introduce information programmes on sex education and waste management

  • set up a network of buddy classes with an interested Flemish primary school

  • develop sports and artistic lessons


(to Flemisch companies, schools and their students)


We have come a long way with our project but we would like to take it to the next level. We have already created a lot of added value in Ghana but we believe that there is also real satisfaction and social commitment to be created in Flanders with our project.

We see possible (preferably long-term) cooperation projects in the form of : 

  • Development of projects / thesis topics by Flemish students (we have a concrete list of topics available)

  • Exchange programmes for Flemish students to implement the educational projects on the site

  • Collaboration with companies that can help us set up and implement the IT stuff (networking, software, working out digital learning forms such as e.g. Bingel, negotiating software licences etc....) 

If you want to get involved, don't hesitate to contact us. All help is welcome !


GBC NEWS 5/3/2023

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