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Message of gratitude for 
Basisschool Mariagaarde


Special appreciation letter 

From the children of Skyhigh Basic School for the children of Basisschool Mariagaarde

A generous heart,a kind soul,

Providing sanitary facilities and furniture whole.

A comprehensive gift,to enhance school grace.

Providing comfort, dignity and a brighter space.


Furniture to sit , to learn and grow,

A comfortable space, where minds can glow.

We are grateful for the love you have shown,

For giving us materials to call our own.


Thank You for your kindness,

For bringing us happiness.

With your generosity, we can reach our goals.

And create a better world for young and old.


May your generosity be repaid,

In thousand folds, in every way.

We appreciate your support and all you do,

Indeed, a true friend, forever true!


Oh ! Mariagaarde Basic School,

Thank You for your donations.


Thank You.

Appreciation letter from headtecher Samuel 

Skyhigh D/A Basic School Kyirimankani - Ghana


THANK YOU Dear Dear Mariagaarde Basic School,


Your support means a lot to us! Without it, we would not be able to have the impact we do on Our School and the Kyirimankani community.


We are so grateful for your donations to us. We love the furniture and other sanitary facilities given to us. We appreciate and say a big THANK YOU.


Thank You very much for your donations.


Samuel Osei K.Skyhigh School - Kyirimankani (Ghana) ( Headteacher)

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