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Message of gratitude for 
KVRI Vorselaar


Special appreciation letter 

From the children of Skyhigh Basic School for the children of KVRI Vorselaar

A generous heart,a kind soul,

Gave us ICT materials,a noble goal.

To enhance learning, to open doors,

A gift to our School, forever in store.


With Computers and tools, our minds take flight.

Exploring new worlds, shining with delight.

Your contribution, a beacon of light,

Illuminating paths, making learning bright.


We thank you for your kindness and care,

For investing in our future, beyond compare.

Your gift will bear fruit, as minds grow and thrive.

Empowering dreams, and shaping lives to strive.


May your generosity be repaid,

With Joy and success, in every way.

We appreciate your support and all you do,

A true friend of our School, forever true !


Oh ! KVRI Junior and Senior High School,

We are very grateful.

Appreciation letter from headtecher Samuel 

Skyhigh D/A Basic School Kyirimankani - Ghana


THANK YOU Dear KVRI Junior & Senior High School,


Thank you for your generous donation to Our School. It is donors like you that help keep our vision and mission to come true. Because of your donations to us, our effort of making a positive change in the community is a possibility.


Your donations will help our School grow significantly because, now there are a lot of parents from nearby communities who wishes to have their children enrolled in our School to also benefit from what we have.Thank You for donating all the Computers and Computer materials for the ICT room.Thank You for donating School furniture.


We are grateful for your kindness to Us.


Thank You very much


Samuel Osei K.Skyhigh School - Kyirimankani (Ghana) ( Headteacher)

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